>Progress Report<

Well, the deadline for submissions has past and we’ve had a phenomenal response! Thanks very much to all who contributed abstracts and panel ideas. The organising team is already busy reading through the huge pile of submissions, and we aim to draw up a schedule over the next week or two.


We’ve also got two great keynote speakers lined up (more on that soon) and submissions for the blog have been trickling in. On that note, the blog had 76 visitors and 147 views yesterday! That’s the current record holder by a margin. Please do drop us a comment when you pass by, if you have a mo – it’s great to see and hear from “the readership” (i.e. you). What would Barthes say? Where le blog lisible was let le blog scriptible be? (Apologies…)

Best wishes –
Chris and all on the Organising Team

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